Rubella rubella chicken pox chicken what can be done

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Unformatted text preview: Long duration, one needs to identify cause • TB & abdominal abcess are common causes • Prophylaxis- when unwarranted or continued too long. Rubella Rubella Chicken Pox Chicken What can be done to help What avoid drug resistance? avoid • Develop better, more rapid identification methods – Identify the organism – Determine susceptibility or resistance to an antimicrobial before use • Educate patients – Take medicine on time – Finish the entire regimen – Good care sometimes includes NOT being given an antimicrobial OBJECTIVE 6: OBJECTIVE • Identify cautions of antimicrobial therapy. Cautions of Antimicrobial Therapy Cautions • Superinfection – Overgrowth of resistant strain – Minimized competition from helpful bacteria (esp. Broad spectrum). • Allergy and other hypersensitivity reactions – Immediate reaction - 30-60 minutes • urticaria, anaphylaxis, laryngyealedema, bronchospasm – Accelerated hypersensitivity - 1-72 hours • urticaria, measles-like rash (less severe) – Late Hypersensitivity reaction - over 72 hours • maculopapular rash, drug fever, hemolytic anemia, thrombocytopenia, or interstitial nephritis • Direct t...
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