Examples imodium lomotil paregoric are combinations

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Unformatted text preview: take on empty stomach). Antidiarrheics Antidiarrheics • Important problem: diarrhea can cause – Dehydration – Exhaustion – Electrolytes and acid-base imbalance • Note: Treatment of chronic diarrhea should be aimed at the problem – laxative abuse – lactose intolerance – irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, etc. Antidiarrheics: Methods of Action Antidiarrheics: Methods • Demulcents and protectives – help prevent irritation (limited usefulness) • Absorbents - absorb gas or irritating substance – bismuth subsalicylate, Kaopectate®, activated charcoal • Astringents - precipitate protein and cover surface of membrane – prevents further irritation, shrinks tissue • Antiinfectives - if cause is microorganism – note: do not inhibit peristalsis if microorganism present • Sedatives and antispasmodics - opium preparations and antimuscarinic. – Examples: Imodium®, Lomotil®, paregoric are combinations of a narcotic and an antimuscarinic drug. • Lactobacillus - normalizes intestinal flora. – Especially good if diarrhea follows antibiotic therapy. Carminatives or antiflatulents Carminatives or antiflatulents • Increase motil...
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