Poor wound healing including proneness to ulcers

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Unformatted text preview: ng of growth in children • reversible – proneness to infections. Poor wound healing (including proneness to ulcers) (vitamin C helps), salt and water retention, signs of CNS stimulation (restlessness, insomnia, even manic states including depressive episodes in some individuals) Corticosteroids Corticosteroids • Cautions – drugs must be withdrawn slowly - body has decreased capacity to produce its own glucocorticoids. Also must gradually switch to inhaler from oral forms of medication) – during times of stress, patient may need extra glucocorticoid – Full effect of steroid therapy may take two to four weeks to be seen. Warning: Corticosteroid inhaler is not for treatment of acute attacks (not to be confused with a catecholamine inhaler) Antitussives Antitussives • Therapeutic Uses – prevent coughing • Should not be used indiscriminately; only when cough is nonproductive and is exhausting patient or is very painful. • Cautions – C OP D • • • • Asthma chronic bronchitis Bronchiectasis cystic fibro...
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