Side effects h1 antagonists side chemical similarity

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Unformatted text preview: ion that has already occurred. • Mechanism: – Besides preventing action of histamine, acts as mild sedative so more able to ignore distressing symptoms. • Motion sickness – Not very effective at controlling nausea of other origins. - meclizine (Antivert®) • Mechanism: – appear to depress CNS and decrease sensitivity of inner ear. Side Effects: H1 Antagonists Side Chemical similarity to some antipsychotics and to atropine Chemical antipsychotics and • Antipsychotic-like: drowsiness, sedation, dizziness. – In others may cause agitation and hallucinations. – Higher therapeutic doses are usually sedating. • Antimuscarinic (atropine-like): dryness of mouth, blurred vision Cautions : H1 Antagonists Cautions • Potentiate other sedative-hypnotics, tranquilizers, and alcohol • Avoid use in asthmatics (drying of bronchiole secretions) – Asthma prophylactic cromolyn prevents the release of histamine by blocking degranulation of mast cells. – A similar agent lodoxamide is marketed i...
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