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Systemic alkalosis and electrolyte imbalance side

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Unformatted text preview: – Peptic ulcer – Heartburn (may increase tone of lower esophageal sphincter) • Kinds – – – – Systemic antacids Nonsystemic antacids Sedative or Antisecretory Agents Increase gastric emptying Ulcers: Gaps in Epithelium Ulcers: Acute Peptic Ulcer Acute Chronic Peptic Ulcer Chronic Duodenal Ulcer Duodenal Barium Barium X-Rays X-Rays Ulcer Sliding Sliding Rolling Systemic Antacids Systemic sodium bicarbonate • Not commonly prescribed by physician because may cause systemic alkalosis and electrolyte imbalance • Side effect: kidney must then adjust for imbalance. – Note: Found in effervescent products such as Alka Seltzer® and instant Metamucil®. – CO2 gas and electrolyte imbalances may stimulate more acid production. Nonsystemic Antacids Nonsystemic Antacids • Mechanisms: – Form insoluble products so not absorbed – Neutralize hydrogen ion • Examples: – Aluminum compounds (Rolaids®) and calcium compounds (Tums®). • Calcium may actually stimulate more acid production later (i.e. excessive milk drinking not a good idea). – Magnesium compounds (Milk of Magnesia) •...
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