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Unformatted text preview: Your Sectionii Student name: ED $2; a) Q I} K i. (please print) “i” ENGRD 202 Solid Mechanics (P. Petrina) Spring 2007 Quiz No. 2 yellow — February 23 Work for 45 minutes. Closed book, closed HW, closed notes. Work on these pages Problem 1. [8 p] For the truss structure shown in the figure determine the support reactions and the force in members AB and CF. Specify if the members are in tension or compression. Pin at D, roller at E. 7 _ I .. .y, '..,. ~ ‘ c » ,. _ 1 , 1 I 2 m A m - 2 m I ‘4‘. i 000 N Problem 2. [7p] Draw the free body diagram for each structure shown below. Redraw the structure and clearly show the force and moments. Label all the forces and moments. - a.' Beam supported by two cables at A b. AC cable, rollers at A and B and a smooth contact at D c. Fixed end at. 0 d. Ball-and—socket support at A BC and BD cables e. Hinge at A and roller at B. f. Draw FBD (also, Show the hydrostatic g. Hinge at A Each leg has weight W pressure distribution). - - Note that gate AB has weight W :~——- (M) Fl]""“"""“ 0.6, 711—- P bl . - - . ' ' r0 9‘“ 3 [15 P] The 1931 AB OfWCIght ZOON 15 supported by the Cables BC (parallel to z—axis) and BD (parauel to x_ ension in the cable BD. axis) and a ball and socket support at A. Draw the FBI) and determine the t ...
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ENGRD202_spring07_quiz_2_solutions - Your Sectionii Student...

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