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Unformatted text preview: ot; Patricia Search Patricia Search Patricia search(patricia t, unsigned k) { /*search the Patricia tree t; return the last node y encountered; if k = y ­>data.key, the key is in the tree */ Patricia p, y; If (!t) return NULL; /* empty tree*/ y=t­>left_child; p=t; while (y­>bit_number > p­>bit_number){ p=y; y=(bit(k, y­>bit_number)) ? y­>right_child : y­>left_child; } return y; Patricia 的 Insert Patricia void insert (patricia *t, element x){ /* insert x into the Patricia tree *t */ patricia s, p, y, z; int i; if (!(*t)) { /* empty tree*/ *t = (patricia)malloc(sizeof(patricia_tree)); if (IS_FULL(*t)) { fprintf(stderr, “The memory is full\n”) ; exit(1); } (*t)­>bit_number = 0 (*t)­>data = x; (*t)­>left_child = *t; } y = search(*t,x.key); if (x.key == y­>data.key) { fprintf(stderr, “The key is in the tree. Insertion fails.\n”); exit(1);} /* find the first bit where x.key and y­>data.key differ*/ /* find the first bit where x.key and y­>data.key differ*/ for(i = 1; bit (x.key,i) == bit(y­>data.key,i); i++ ); /* search tree using the first i­1 bits*/ s = (*t)­>left_child; p = *t; while (s­&g...
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