not ground 2 it clearly changes vt and gm terms make

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Unformatted text preview: ues (and how to simplify) •  You need to simplify! •  Neglect ro except for current sources (i.e. it will not affect your signal path modeling) •  Body effect maXers: 1) bulk node of NMOS goes to most negaZve supply!! (not ground); 2) it clearly changes VT and gm terms (make first cut approximaZons, then let SPICE help you refine them, but don’t have VSB terms!!) •  Min. width is 2µm for Current Sources. Other devices can be 1µm. That means that raZo- metric scaling will be your main choice in geSng voltage gain (you don’t need a lot ;); but you can increase L in the loads (see ωT discussion above) Comments about gm and Design •  Recall: gm=2*IDrain/VOV •  IDrain is what we have to worry about for Power! •  VOV is also a design variable, both in the sense of a circuit variable (knob) we can vary and as a layout variable (knob) that we can scale. But remember… •  As you vary W/L you do change your biasing (and that’s why you...
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