8 interesting point comments on slide 11 lecture 20

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Unformatted text preview: big… ” if something co – R e a s o n a b le g u e s s : 1 “rea e t nable – R e a s o n a b le g u e s s : 1 0 but doesn’t dominate the fin In h Decide on τ3/τtotal (var3) Making a τ% too small wy an e xamplet) is answer (onl ill cost a Decide on τ2a/(τtotal -τ1 -τ3) (varlot of power…remember, goal is 5) these – Reasonable guess: 10% to Minimize Power! – Reasonable guess: 50% (means that τ2a = τ2a ) was b equal P i c k Av 2 ( v a r 4 ) role in D e c i d e o n C g s 3 / Cg s 2 ( v a r 6 ) Yes, good idea to try and scale…”1” freque – Reasonable guess: 10 may actually be way too small !! – R e a s o n a b le g u e s s : 1 In th Decide on τ2a/(τtotal -τ1 -τ3) (var5) thes...
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