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Unformatted text preview: don’t want to be using it as a design knob…very bad idea!) • Decide on τ1/τtotal (var1) omment oes S 10% Lecture 20t –CReasonable gun s: lide 14, Need to find ways o simplify t OC tvmization Strategy (1) p ( i a r2 ) D e c id e o n C / This one (Text) example…NOT your plan (we don’nstraints on freqfuency cot give “stencils” or you) • • • • • • • • • • g s1 in response--10% numbers are – R e a s o n a b le g u e s s : 1 “reasonable” if something cou Making a τ% too small will cost a Decide on τ1/τtotal (var1) but doesn’t dominate the final lot of power…remember, goal is Decide on τ3/τtotal (var3) ans P er (! nly n e – Reasonable guess: 10% to Minimize wowerofindawayxatmple) plify Need to s o sim – R e a s o n a b le g u e s s : 1 0 % constraints on frequency D e c i d e o n C g s 1 / Ci n ( v a r 2 ) resp to ry --1scale…”1” Yes, good idea ontseand 0% numbers are P i c k Av 2 ( v a r 4 ) may actually bsooo...
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