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Model mockup prototype operational system 3

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Unformatted text preview: er) Model Mockup Prototype Operational System 3 Development of an Emergency C-Section Facilitator Using a Human-Machine Systems Engineering Approach Shiwoo Lee Robin Feuerbacher Kenneth Funk II Yu-Chih Hsiao Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering Oregon State University 4 Note On Terminology Emergency Cesarean Section (ECS) = Emergency Cesarean Delivery (ECD) 5 IE 546, Human-Machine Systems Engineering Needs, Problems, Opportunities • Learn HMSE process • Apply HMSE to develop and evaluate prototype system Evaluation Analysis Requirements Performance Data, Observations Management Operation HumanMachine Humans System Material Machines Design Design Specifications Implementation Products Energy Services Information Processes 6 Background, Statement of Need ● Background – – Cesarean Section: surgical delivery of baby System vulnerabilities, especially in small, rural hospitals ● ● ● – – ● Human Fallibilities (sensory, cognitive, motor) System vulnerabilities + human fallibilities = delays, errors, potential for catastrophe Need – Reduce ● ●...
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