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The facilitator shall display the status of or

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Unformatted text preview: ator shall remind surgical Team members what actions must be performed to Prepare OR. The Facilitator shall display the status of OR equipment. Facilitator display formats and user interaction protocols shall be consistent across all subsystems. 14 Design and Prototype Implementation ● Design – ● Specifications to meet 65 of 99 requirements Implementation – Prototype 1 (IE 546, Spring 2006) ● Electronic “storyboard” – – – HTML, PowerPoint Screenshots from scripted scenario Prototype 2 (Summer/Fall 2006) ● Hardware – – – – ● Laptop server Wireless router Tablet PC PDA Software – – – Microsoft Access database ASP.NET CSS 15 Cesarean Section Facilitator Architecture 16 C-Section Decision and Call 17 Summons via PDAs/Smart Phones 18 Team Status 19 Patient Preparation With Tablet PCs Or PDAS 20 OR Preparation 21 Labor & Delivery, OR Status Displays 22 Operation and Evaluation of Prototype 2 ● Demonstration scenario at PeaceHarbor Hospital – – Emergency C-Section Problems ● ● ● ● First-call p...
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