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Usability assessment learnability efficiency easy

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Unformatted text preview: ediatrician fails to respond Baby warmer prep assigned to RNA, miscommunicated problem with equipment in the OR (forceps and Kiwi). Usability assessment – Learnability ● – Efficiency ● ● ● – Easy entry of patient data Simple Good interface design User satisfaction ● ● ● ● – intuitive Great Better communication No rigid enforcement of procedural order No major problems Recommendations (implemented in previous screenshots) ● ● ● Less intense colors Different icons Reduced display clutter 23 Prototype 3 24 Summary, Discussion, Plans ● Requirements development through IDEF0 process modeling – – ● ● Systematic, top-down knowledge elicitation Shared vocabulary, understanding among engineers, users Rapid prototyping with off-the shelf components Prototype: – Mobile, wireless information/communication system to facilitate ● ● ● ● – – ● Surgical team assembly and preparation Patient preparation Preparation of operating room Situation awareness: patient, OR, team Well-received by users Believed that it would significantly reduce decision-incision time Future plans for – – – Refined requirements Revised prototype Evaluation in simulation trials 25...
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