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Time errors improve inherent risk of procedure

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Unformatted text preview: “decision-incision” time errors Improve ● ● ● ● Inherent risk of procedure Difficulty in assembling on-call team for unscheduled, emergency procedure Urgent, chaotic conditions Team communication Team awareness of system, processes Coordination of people, processes, procedures Cesarean Section Facilitator: Information & communication system to facilitate – – – Notification, assembly, preparation of team Preparation of mother (and baby) Preparation of operating room 7 Analysis (Requirements Development) ● Subject Matter Experts/Potential Users – – – – ● Process modeling using IDEF0 – – – – ● James Bauer, MD, OB/GYN, PeaceHarbor Hospital (“Client”) David Telasha, MD, OB/GYN David Blatt, MD, Anesthesiologist Other Northwest physicians and nurses User-centered perspective Systematic, top-down knowledge elicitation Knowledge representation for communication, documentation Development of common language and understanding among engineers and SMEs Requirements development from – Elicited knowledge of ● ● ● ● – System Processes Potential...
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