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Stock levels description determine where the proper

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Unformatted text preview: . If a part is not available or the supply is nearly depleted, note that it must be restocked A23: Retrieve parts from storage The current levels of part stocks available at the workstation for assembly. Environment factors Description: Description: Retrieve the proper parts from their storage locations. A24: Unpackage parts Factors of the work environment that may affect worker performance: illumination, noise, temperature, humidity [TBC]. Widget assembly procedure Description: Description: Remove individual packaging material from the parts themselves. Specific procedures for assembling widgets. A25: Re-inspect parts Worker factors Description: Description: Quickly re-inspect the parts to make sure that they are suitable for installation. Factors of the worker her/himself that affect performance: knowledge, experience, visual acuity, fatigue, ... [TBC]. Widget orders Description: Customer orders for widgets. Part demand Description: The need for parts to assemble ordered widgets. If stock is insufficient, part requrests are generated. For Official Use Only For Official Use Only Repository: IDEF0 Process Analysis & Modeling; Date: 10/9/2009 Used packaging from assembly Description: Repository: IDEF0 Process Analysis & Modeling; Date: 10/9/2009 Activities in Diagram"A3: Assemble parts" A31: Hold widget base for assembly Packaging materials removed from the parts themselves that are to be discarded or recycled. Parts for widgets Description: The process of holding the base part of the widget securely so that other parts may be attached to it. In the case of rework, the base may already be attached to the other parts. Description: Parts retrieved from the workstation stock areas and ready to be used in assembly. A32: Position parts in place Description: Worker The process of placing (or re-placing, in the case of rework) parts on the widget base so that they may be secured. Description: The worker who assembles and inspects widgets and performs the logistic activities of restocking parts, etc. Which parts to be installed A33: Secure parts to base Description: The process of using fasteners to secure the other parts to the base part. In the case of rework, this may involve removing original fasteners and replacing them, or loosening and re-tightening the original ones. Description: Knowledge of which parts to be installed on the widget base, according to assembly procedures. A34: Release assembled widget Location of parts Description: Description: The process of releasing the assembled widget from its securings so that it can be moved out of the workstation. Knowledge of where the parts are stored in the workstation. Parts to be unpackaged Description: Retrieved parts that must be unpackaged and inspected before installation. Unpackagead parts to be inspected Description: Parts that must be inspected prior to inst...
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