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WIDGETS V2 glossary

The need for parts to assemble ordered widgets if

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Unformatted text preview: idgets. If stock is insufficient, part requrests are generated. Held, assembled widgets Description Part inspection procedures Description For Official Use Only For Official Use Only Repository: IDEF0 Process Analysis & Modeling; Date: 10/9/2009 Procedures for inspecting parts, with specifications and standards for each part. Repository: IDEF0 Process Analysis & Modeling; Date: 10/9/2009 IDs of the parts to be requested and restocked. Parts to restock Part request procedure Description Description The procedure for preparing and sending part requests. Parts that have passed inspection and are ready to be placed in storage in the workstation. Part requests Description Policies & procedures Description Requests for more widget parts. When the parts come in, they will b4e restocked. Company policies and procedures for assembling and inspecting widgets as well as support processes, like restocking. Part storage policy Description Positioned parts Description Instructions on how and where each part is to be stored in the workstation. The non-base parts of the widget, positioned in place so that they may be secured with fasteners. Parts Received parts Description Description Parts used to assemble widgets. Parts for widgets Parts just received that have been removed from packaging and are ready to inspect. Rejected parts Description Parts retrieved from the workstation stock areas and ready to be used in assembly. Parts to be installed Description Parts that fail to meet specifications and are therefore discarded for rework or recycling. Reorder level policies Parts to be unpackaged Description Description Specifications as to when to reorder parts. Retrieved parts that must be unpackaged and inspected before installation. Restocking policies & procedures Parts to request Description Description Policies and procedures dealing specifically with the ordering and restocking of parts for widgets. For Official Use Only For Official Use Only Repository: IDEF0 Process Analysis & Modeling; Date: 10/9/2009 Repository: IDEF0 Process Analysis & Modeling; Date: 10/9/2009 Stock levels Which parts to be installed Description Description The current levels of part stocks available at the workstation for assembly. Knowledge of which parts to be installed on the widget base, according to assembly procedures. Stocked parts Widget assembly procedure Description Description Parts available at the workstation for assembly. Specific procedures for assembling widgets. Test fixture Tools & equipment Widget base part Description Base part of widget to which others are attached. Description Widget fasteners The tools, equipment, facilities, etc. the worker uses to assemble and inspect widgets. These include the the workstation itself. Unpackagead parts to...
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