BIOL 1020 - Lecture 20

Our parents ex we dont inherit physical strength

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Unformatted text preview: we don't inherit physical strength, rather genetics that may favour muscle growth - GENES are the units of heredity, and are made of segments of DNA - Genes are passed to next generation through reproductive cells called gametes and spores formed during meiosis - Each gene has a specific location called a LOCUS Asexual Reproduction - ONE parent produces genetically identical offspring by mitosis - A clone is a group of genetically identical individual from the same parent - In sexual reproduction however, TWO parents give rise to offspring that have UNIQUE combinations of genes inherited from the two parents Life Cycle - LIFE CYCLE: Generation to generation sequence of stages in the reproductive history of an organism - The cycle of meiosis - Fertilization is the coming together of the sexual cells and genetic information of two parents - Note that this life cycle is what accounts for variation in the offspring and how this is influenced by natural selection...
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