Apparently reared as girls and switched to boys in

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Unformatted text preview: nitalia. At birth look like girls externally but internal organs are masculine. At puberty, these males experience relatively normal masculinization. Apparently reared as girls and switched to boys in puberty (See novel Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides) 5 Alpha Reductase Deficiency Study (Imperato-McGinely, 1974 N= 33 in Dominican Republic) Study Interpretations 1.Reared as girls and switched to male gender at puberty (would suggest a triumph of nature over nurture) 2. Significant minority were not able to make switch & were stigmatized as “half girl freaks”- no possibility of becoming female role thus switched to males. (nature doesn’t really triumph) 3. Since condition runs in families kids were identified early and not brought up either as girls or boys but as “different.” (not a good test of nature vs nurture) Adrenogenital Syndrome (XX) (Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, CAS) • Too much adrenal androgen secreted by fetus • Leads to masculinization of external genitalia (internal genitalia are normal) • If caught at birth external genitalia can be surgically altered or can be treated with cortisone to reduce androgen effects • Social and sexual outcomes...
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