Can you have a woman with a penis can a man

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Unformatted text preview: ave a man with breasts or a woman with a beard? • Can you have a woman with a penis? • Can a man comfortably wear a dress in our society? • Harder to find good current “social” examples for women? (boxing, soldiers, football…) Sex Object Choice Genetic Gender Behav. Identity Appear. External Genitalia Internal Repro. Organs Brain XX M M M PENIS TESTES M? XY F F F VAGINA UTERUS/OVA F? XO BOTH OTHER ANDROGYNO -US INDETERMINATE XYY SELF XXX OBJECT MOSAIC ALTERNATING AUTOGYNEPH -ILIC Common Sex Chromosome Abnormalities Hermaphroditism/Intersexuality/ Disorders of Sexual Development • Looking at external genitalia • When you have indeterminate organs – Internal / external (half man / half woman””) – Called intersex • Considered a disorder of sexual development in the medi...
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