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Identity appear external genitalia internal repro

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Unformatted text preview: cal world Sex Object Choice Genetic Gender Behav. Identity Appear. External Genitalia Internal Repro. Organs Brain XX M M M Penis Testes M? XY F F F VAGINA UTERUS/OVA F? XO BOTH OTHER ANDROGYNO US INDETERMINATE XYY SELF XXX OBJECT MOSAIC ALTERNATING AUTOGYNEPH -ILIC True vs Pseudo Hermaphroditism True Hermaphroditism = An individual who has a mixture of male and female reproductive structures ( e.g. both ovarian & testicular tissue i.e. 1 gonad of each gender) so that it is not clear at birth whether the individual is a male or female. Pseudo-Hermaphroditism = have testes or ovaries but not both. Unlike true hermaphrodites their gonads (testes or ovaries) typically match their chromosomal gender. However, because of pre-natal hormonal errors their external genitals and sometimes their internal reproductive anatomy is ambiguous or resembles t...
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