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Sexual development differentiation chronology of

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Unformatted text preview: hat of the other gender. Sexual Development & Differentiation Chronology of Sexual Differentiation Cartoon What Determines Gender? • • • • • External Genitalia Rearing Biology An interaction of these How can we figure it out? – RCT-randomly assign genetic XXs & XYx to be reared as either boys or girls and see how they come out • Video + Hermaphrodites Speak John Money’s Principles of Gender Development • Individuals are psychosexually (“genderally”) neutral at birth. • Healthy psychosexual development is dependent upon the appearance of one’s genitals. • No doubt should be allowed as to gender/sex of assignment. • Do not change gender/sex after 2 years of age. What Typically Happened to Hermaphrodites/ Intersex/Disorders of Sexual Development Until 2000 • Immediately after birth-team of spets • Parents informed that pre-natal development not done • Need to determine correct sex/gender • Genetic males- XYs- if have adequate penis (magic # = 1 inch) then assigned to male gender-if not 1 inch typically assigned to female (surgery) • Genetic females-XXs- typically declared gi...
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