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Essay #4 - Dejan Cvetkovic Writing 140 Prof Srinivasan...

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Dejan Cvetkovic Writing 140 Prof Srinivasan 8.11.2005 Violence in Media: Effects on Cultural Values and Society If you asked me 10 years ago what my favorite movie was, it probably would have been any one of the James Bond series of films. Think about it, how incredible does Bond look on that big screen, always dressed in the finest suits, drinking the finest spirits, doing a little bit of shooting here and there, never really in any danger, and always ending up with the girl. I can’t think of a single reason why any male wouldn’t want to be like him, let alone a 10-year-old boy. I’m sure if asked, I wouldn’t be the only individual with this answer. So on to the next question, what is it that attracts us to this genre of film and characters like Bond? Perhaps it’s the adrenaline rush most of us get during a scene where the villain or ‘bad guy’ is chased by the hero or heroin, racing on foot or in a lavishly expensive sports car down a blvd in New York, Los Angeles or Paris. Or the climax fight scene where the ‘good guy’ prevails virtually every time. Given there are times when it seems inevitable that he/she cannot possibly win, however each and every time they come through unharmed. Looking beyond, perhaps it has nothing to do with actual violence; perhaps we are amused by the passive aggressive sexual aggression of these films. Indulge in the idea of Bond not being a ‘lady killer’; the character loses at least half if not more of his attraction. The reasons we find ourselves idolizing these types of characters is because they seem to be everything that we are not, better yet
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everything that we wish we could be. Laws and rules that apply to regular citizens do not apply to them, and at the end of the film, they always seem to reach their goals. In our society, this is not always the case and therefore films such as these give an inadequate account of the way life in actuality is, however what they do show is an inordinate amount of violence. Although violence may be entertaining, extensive media violence in the form of television, gaming, news and films has given rise to more aggressive impulses in young adults and children causing violence in our society to rise parallel to the violence in media.
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Essay #4 - Dejan Cvetkovic Writing 140 Prof Srinivasan...

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