F and cl are both more electronegative than c but the

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Unformatted text preview: of each bond (arrowhead over the more negative end of the bond) •Is this molecule polar or non-polar (give a reason)? F and Cl are both more electronegative than C, but the bond polarities do not cancel and the molecule is polar. e. (6 pts) A Lewis dot representation of N2 O is shown below. Is this the best possible representation? If not, draw an alternative and give a reason why yours is better. Formal charges are -2, +1, +1. Better representations are -1 +1 0 or 0 +1 -1 page 3 Name: ___________________________ 6. (12 pts) Short answers- be sure to include a brief reason for your answer, to receive credit. a. Of the following diatomic molecules, which is the most polar: MgO, CaO, BaO Electr...
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