Askthetatoputabout1mlofacetone inusinga syringe

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Unformatted text preview: correction due to the room temperature vs. 0o where the pressure conversion is defined. NOTE: The table has listings for each degree. You can interpolate to get values for the nearest tenth of a degree. 15 16 Clicker question Using n=PV/RT to determine n • You know P from the barometer. • You know V from the volume filled by the water. • You need to determine the temperature. What temperature do you use in the ideal gas equation to solve for n? PV = nRT is only valid for gases. Therefore, you need to use the value of T for when the unknown was a gas to find the number of moles of the gas. 17 A) 0oC B) room temperature C) 100.0oC 18 3 10/6/2010 Clean up and chemical disposal Molar mass • You determined the mass of the unknown in your tube directly from the experiment. • You determined the number of moles of the vapor using the ideal gas equation. • You can determine the molar mass of the unknown from these two quantities. molar mass =...
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