Largeflowratescan causephysicalproblems

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Unformatted text preview: ngle stage In the context of this problem (where L is fixed) it means V is the largest value with single stage Operating line has to fall on this line (xN, yN+1) (x0, y1) Why do we care? • Large flow rates can cause physical problems in separation unit (e.g. flooding) • Also is expensive to use large flow rates 3 Old Exam Problems Related to Exam #1 (from Sp 2012) Two liquids are available for absorption of a contaminant from a gas stream. Assuming absorption will be done in an equilibrium stage, do you choose the one with a higher or lower Henry’s Law constant for vapor/liquid equilibrium with the contaminant. Briefly explain your choice. How do you approach this problem? 4 2 9/10/2013 V1, yA1 V2, yA2 L0, xA0 L1, xA1 Henry’s Law: yA1 = H′ xA1 Goal of absorption: to reduce yA1 (i.e. lower amount of A in exit vapor stream) Recall: yA1 is related to xA1 and this relationship is the Henry’s constant ‐ As you increase H’ you make the ratio of yA1/xA1 larger ‐ is this good or bad fo...
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