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Unformatted text preview: are many activities. Usually at school, or parks and playgrounds. People get candy, play games, win prizes, go to parades, and also carve pumpkins! Hey, that reminds me! Many people carve scary faces on pumpkins. But because Halloween takes place at night, the children can’t see the faces! So the adults also like to put a candle or light inside it so it can glow. Isn’t Halloween so interesting? People also decorate their houses with fake spider webs, gravestones, giant blow­up People also decorate their houses with fake spider webs, gravestones, giant blow­up air pumpkins, skeletons, mummies, and other scary things. But, of course their all fake! Like I said, use your common sense! I bet your asking “Is Halloween just about kids? What do the parents do?” That’s a good question. Parents, on the other hand, sometimes they stay at home, and sometimes they go out with their children because of course they don’t want their children to get lost. As for the parents who stay home, they wait until children knock on their door or ring their door bell and give out candy. But sometimes they’re busy and they just leave a bunch of candy right outside their doorstep. Well, I hope you had a great time with me talking about Halloween! Because I sure know I did! Happy Halloween! Tips ☆ Speak with feeling. ☆ Don’t pause too long or hesitate. ☆ Speak clearly. ☆ Don’t be afraid. Have confidence . ☆ Speak loudly. ☆ Practice makes perfect! Good Luck!...
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