1 sequence alignment mutations at the dna level

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 ! 1 Sequence alignment Mutations at the DNA level AGGCTATCACCTGACCTCCAGGCCGATGCCC TAGCTATCACGACCGCGGTCGATTTGCCCGAC -AGGCTATCACCTGACCTCCAGGCCGA--TGCCC--TAG-CTATCAC--GACCGC--GGTCGATTTGCCCGAC Definition "Given two strings "v = v1v2...vm, w = w1w2…wn, "an alignment is an assignment of gaps to positions "0,…,m in v, and 0,…,n in w, so as to line up each " "letter in one sequence with either a letter, or a gap "in the other sequence Deletion Substitution SEQUENCE EDITS …ACGGTGCAGTTACCA… …AC----CAGTCCACCA… REARRANGEMENTS Inversion Translocation Duplication Scoring an alignment Number of pairwise alignments •  A simple scoring scheme: •  Given sequences of length m and n, the number of alignments is: •  Penalize mismatches by –μ •  Penalize indels by –σ, •  Reward matches with +1 min(m,n) ￿ ￿ •  Resulting score: #ma...
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