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Denions and terminologies concerning data and

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Unformatted text preview: a=on Fragments Sequencing Reads Assembly Con=gs Analysis Our focus for today’s lecture: 1.  Comparison of sequencing plaXorms 2.  Details of sample prepara=on 3.  Defini=ons and terminologies concerning data and sequencing plaXorms History and Background Landmarks in Sequencing Efficiency (bp/person/ year) Year Event 1870 Miescher: Discovers DNA 1940 Avery: Proposes DNA as “Gene=c Material” 1953 Watson & Crick: Double Helix Structure of DNA 1 1965 Holley: transfer RNA from Yeast 1,500 1977 Maxam & Gilbert: "DNA sequencing by chemical degrada=on” Sanger: “DNA sequencing with chain- termina=ng inhibitors” 15,000 1981 Messing and his colleagues developed “shotgun sequencing” method 25,000 1987 ABI markets the first sequencing plaXorm, ABI 370 Landmarks in Sequencing Efficiency (bp/person/year) Year Event 50,000 1990 NIH begins large- scale sequencing bacteria genomes. 200,000 1995 Craig Venture and Hamilton Smith at the Ins=tute for Genomic Research (TIGR) published the first complete genome of a free- living organism in Science. This marks the first use of whole- genome shotgun sequencing, elimina=ng the need for ini=al mapping efforts. 2001 A...
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