smallest score at root is minimum weighted in this

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Unformatted text preview: with each leaf labeled by elements of a k- leYer alphabet and a k x k scoring matrix (δij) A T G C A 0 3 4 9 T 3 0 2 4 GC 49 24 04 40 Weighted Parsimony Score: 22 Sankoff’s Algorithm •  Check children’s every vertex and determine the minimum between them •  An example •  Output: Labeling of internal verJces of the tree T minimizing the weighted parsimony score 4 9/24/13 Sankoff Algorithm: Dynamic Programming Sankoff Algorithm (cont.) •  Begin at leaves: •  Calculate and keep track of a score for every possible label at each vertex –  If leaf has the character in quesJon, score is 0 –  Else, score is ∞ –  st(v) = minimum parsimony score of the subtree rooted at vertex v if v has character t •  The score at each vertex is based on scores of its children: –  st(parent) = mini {...
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