Solving the gold bug problem prerequisites to solve

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Unformatted text preview: Problem: the ;48 clue •  Mapping “the” to “;48” and subs,tu,ng all occurrences of the symbols: 53++!305))6*the26)h+.)h+)te06*the!e`60))e5t]e*:+*e!e3(ee)5*!t h6(tee*96*?te)*+(the5)t5*!2:*+(th956*2(5*h)e`e*th0692e5)t)6!e )h++t1(+9the0e1te:e+1the!e5th)he5!52ee06*e1(+9thet(eeth(+?3ht he)h+t161t:1eet+?t The Gold Bug Message Decoding: Second A]empt •  Make inferences: 53++!305))6*the26)h+.)h+)te06*the!e`60))e5t]e*:+*e!e3(ee)5*!t h6(tee*96*?te)*+(the5)t5*!2:*+(th956*2(5*h)e`e*th0692e5)t)6!e )h++t1(+9the0e1te:e+1the!e5th)he5!52ee06*e1(+9thet(eeth(+?3ht he)h+t161t:1eet+?t •  “thet(ee” most likely means “the tree” –  Infer “(“ = “r” The Gold Bug Problem: The Solu,on •  Afer figuring out all the mappings, the final message is: AGOODGLASSINTHEBISHOPSHOSTELINTHEDEVILSSEATWENYONEDEGRE ESANDTHIRTEENMINUTESNORTHEASTANDBYNORTHMAINBRANCHSEVENT HLIMBEASTSIDESHOOTFROMTHELEFTEYEOFTHEDEATHSHEADABEELINE FROMTHETREETHROUGHTHESHOTFIFTYFEETOUT •  “th(+?3h” becomes “thr+?3h” –  Can we guess “+” and “?”? The Solu,on (con,nued) •  Punctua,on is important: A GOOD GLASS IN THE BISHOP’S HOSTEL IN THE DEVIL’S SEA, TWENY ONE DEGREES AND THIRTEEN MINUTES NORTHEAST AND BY NORTH, MAIN BRANCH SEVENTH LIMB, EAST SIDE, SHOOT FROM THE LEFT EYE OF THE DEATH’S HEAD A BEE LINE FROM THE TREE THROUGH THE SHOT, FIFTY FEET OUT. Solving The Gold Bug Problem •  Prerequisites to solve the problem: –  Need to know the rela,ve frequencies of single le]ers, and combina,ons of two and three le]ers in English –  Knowledge of all the words in the English dic,onary is highly desired to make accurate inferences 5 9/2/13 Mo,f Finding and The Gold Bug Problem: Similari,es –  Nucleo,des in mo,fs encode for a message in the “gene,c” language. Symbols in “The Gold Bug” encode for a message in English. –  In order to solve the problem, we analyze the frequencies of pa]erns in DNA/Gold Bug message. –  Knowledge of established regulatory mo,fs makes the Mo,f Finding problem simpler. Knowledge of the words in the English dic,onary helps to solve the...
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