Next idenfy the gene problems many unrelated common

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Unformatted text preview: Certain diseases (cancers) are marked by an abundance of these events Recombina/on 00000000 11111111 00011111 Not all DNA recombines! Gene Conversion •  Gene conversion versus single crossover; hard to dis/nguish in a popula/on Iden/fying the Gene/c Basis of a Phenotype Abstrac/on of a Causal Muta/on A possible strategy is to collect cases (affected) and control individuals, and look for a muta/on that consistently separates the two classes. Next, iden/fy the gene. Problems •  Many unrelated common muta/ons, around one every 1000bp •  We may not sample the causal muta/on. Case Control How to Hunt for Disease Genes Case...
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