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Snp detecon snp detecon snp idencaon programs must

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Unformatted text preview: evolving in /me. •  Each individual arises from a unique, randomly chosen parent from the previous genera/on. Time Current (extant) population Genealogy of a chromosomal popula/on Adding Muta/ons Infinite sites assump2on: a muta/on occurs at most once at a site. SNPs The collec/on of acquired muta/ons in the extant popula/on describe the SNPs. Muta/ons: driI, fixa/on and elimina/on. Remove ex/nct genealogies. Removing fixed muta/ons. Removing fixed muta/ons. Disease Muta/on Drop the ancestral chromosomes, and place the muta/ons on the internal branches. Disease Muta/on A causal muta/on creates a clade of affected descendants. SNP Detec/on SNP Detec/on •  SNP iden/fica/on programs must dis/nguish...
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