The analysis of these dierences involves many

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Unformatted text preview: ent. •  OIen these differences are inherited (gene/c). Understanding the gene/c basis of these differences is a key challenge of biology! •  The analysis of these differences involves many interes/ng algorithmic ques/ons. Varia/on in DNA •  The DNA is inherited by the child from its parent. •  The copying is not iden/cal, but might be mutated. •  If the muta/on lies in a gene…. –  Different proteins are produced; –  Different proteins are switched on or off; –  Different phenotype. Popula/on gene/cs By sampling DNA from a popula/on, we can answer the following –  What are the sources of varia/on? –  As muta/ons arise, they are either neutr...
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