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What causes variaon in a populaon mutaons may lead

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Unformatted text preview: al and subject to evolu/onary driI, or they are (dis ­) advantageous and under selec/ve pressure. Can we tell? –  Why are some people more likely to get a disease then others? How is disease gene mapping done? –  Phasing of chromosomes. How do we separate the maternal and paternal chromosomes. What causes varia/on in a popula/on? •  •  •  •  Muta/ons (may lead to SNPs) Recombina/ons Other crossover events (gene conversion) Structural Polymorphisms Single Nucleo/de Polymorphisms •  Small muta/ons that are sustained in a popula/on are called SNPs •  SNPs are the most common source of varia/on studied •  The data is a matrix (rows are individuals, columns are loci). Only the variant posi/ons are kept A ­>G Structural Polymorphisms •  Large scale structural changes (dele/ons/ inser/ons/inversions) may occur in a popula/on. •  Copy Number varia/on • ...
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