Because only the ends of each fragment are sequenced

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Unformatted text preview: f mutually incompaEble reads is the same as the minimum number of transcripts needed to “explain” all the fragments. •  A proof of Dilworth's Theorem that produces a minimal set of paths that cover all the fragments in the overlap graph by finding the largest set of reads with the property that no two could have originated from the same isoform. 19 20 Transcript Abundance is EsEmated •  Fragments are matched to the transcripts from which they could have originated. •  Transcript abundance is es>mated using a staEsEcal model in which the probability of observing each fragment is a linear funcEon of the abundance of the transcripts from which it could have originated. •  Because only the ends of each fragment are sequenced, the length maybe unknown. 21 Violet fragment Assigning a fragment to different isoforms o^en implies a length for it. Cufflinks incorporates the distribuEon of fragment lengths to help assign...
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