To incoming text messages drive by downloads exploits

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Unformatted text preview: n exploits •  popular vehicles include Java applets, ActiveX, JavaScript and VBScript Mobile Phone Worms •  •  •  •  •  first discovery was Cabir worm in 2004 then Lasco and CommWarrior in 2005 communicate through Bluetooth wireless connections or MMS target is the smartphone can completely disable the phone, delete data on the phone, or force the device to send costly messages •  CommWarrior replicates by means of Bluetooth to other phones, sends itself as an MMS file to contacts and as an auto reply to incoming text messages Drive-By-Downloads •  exploits browser vulnerabilities to download and install malware on the system when the user views a Web page controlled by the attacker •  in most cases does not actively propagate •  spreads when users visit the malicious Web page Social Engineering •  “tricking” users to assist in the compromise of their own systems spam unsolicited bulk e-mail Trojan horse mobile phone trojans program or utility containing harmful hidden code first appeared in 2004 (Skuller) used to accomplish functions that the attacker could not accomplish directly target is the smartphone significant carrier of malware used for phishing attacks Payload System Corruption •  data destruction •  Chernobyl virus –  first seen in 1998 –  Windows 95 and 98 virus –  infects executable files and corrupts the entire file system when a trigger date is reached •  Klez –  mass mailing wor...
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