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Unformatted text preview: Lee Pallickara 5 Sangmi Lee Pallickara 6 1 3/1/13 CS480 Principles of Data Management Spring 2013 CS480 Principles of Data Management Example: Media database •  Media database that stores music tracks and an •  Using a similarity ­based duplicate classifica.on id ar5st track 1 Tori Amos Beekeeper 2 Amos, Tori Beekeeper 3 Beethoven Symphony Nr.5 4 Ludwig van Beethoven 5th Symphony 5 Beethoven Symphony Nr.1 6 Beethoven Symphony Nr.2 7 Beethoven Symphony Nr.3 8 Shubert Symphony Nr.1 9 AC DC Are you ready 10 AC/DC Are you ready 11 AC/DC Are U ready 12 Bob Dylan Are you Ready 13 •  Duplicates are {1,2}, {3,4}, and {9,10,11} Michael Jackson Thriller –  {1,2},{3,4},{3,5},{5,6},{6,7},{5,8},{9,10},{9,11},{10,11},{9, 12},{10,12} 1 CS480 Principles of Data Management 0.9 Spri...
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