14 of a chunk oset is specied by gfs november 5th

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Unformatted text preview: axed Consistency –  Chunks are stored as local files –  Linux’s buffer cache already keeps frequently accessed data in memory L23.13 Colorado State University, Sangmi Pallickara 2/8/13 CS480 Principles of Data Management Spring 2013 L23.14 November 5th, 2012 CS480 Principles of Data Management Spring 2013 In GFS the state of file region after mutation depends on … Mutations •  Muta%on changes the content or metadata of a chunk •  TYPE of the mutaIon •  SUCCESS/FAILURE of the mutaIon •  Whether there were CONCURRENT mutaIons –  Write •  Writes data at an applicaIon ­specific file offset –  Append •  Appends atomically at least once even in the presence of concurrent mutaIon •  Each mutaIon is performed at all chunk replicas •  Append is done based on record. (1/4 of a chunk) –  Offset is specified by GFS November 5th, 2012 CS480 Principles of D...
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