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2008 test and set write requiredversion can be

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Unformatted text preview: Figure 1 from (Johnson, 2009) 27 28 SQL Execution Plan MapReduce Dataflow Diagram •  Tablets are the input. •  Map function have different execution path per type. •  Storage format. Reduce- 2 System sort Reduce- 1 Remove duplicates 4 Filtering ê༎ Parallel maps Figure 3 from (Johnson, 2009) 29 Figure 4 from (Johnson, 2009) 30 5 10/29/13 Query Processing Algorithm Ê༌  Can be used to process a wide range of SQL queries (select- group- aggregate). Ê༌  Scalable for large DBs. Ê༌  Possible Problem: flow of large fraction of the DB à༎ high network traffic + slow system sorts. Ê༌  The author’s conclusion: SQL evaluation can be done in the PNUTS clouds, but its performance is still an open question. (Cooper et al., 2008) 31 PNUTS Per- Record Consistency vs. Eventual Consistency Ê༌  Designed for Yahoo’s web applications. Ê༌  In eventual consistency, updates will eventually be applied Ê༌  Geographically distributed database system. Ê༌  Requirements: high availability, scalability, and response time. Ê༌  Per- record consistency (relaxed consistency). to all replicas but they can be out of order. Ê༌  Too weak for some applications. Ê༌  Example: Photo sharing application (photos with access privileges). (1) Change access (2) Upload Photos R1 (1) Upload Photos … (2) Change access Rn Ê༌  In Per- record consistency, updates will eventually be appli...
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