Enforcing frequently updated small objects may not be

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Unformatted text preview: provement. Ê༌  Each record has a metadata containing: Ê༌  Master id. (for forwarding updates) Ê༌  Origin of last N updates. (for master- reassignment) 39 40 Tablet Mastership Processing Multi- record Requests Ê༌  When inserting new records, primary keys constraint must Ê༌  Scatter- gather engine: be enforced. Ê༌  Component in the router. Ê༌  Assign a tablet master to order, accept, or reject insert operations. Ê༌  All insert operations are forwarded to the tablet master. Ê༌  Split it to parallel multiple single- record requests or single- tablet scans. Ê༌  Then gathers the results and sends them back. Ê༌  Server- side processing is chosen: Ê༌  To maintain one connection per client. Ê༌  To optimize it using data locality. 41 42 7 10/29/13 Amazon SimpleDB Ê༌  Opposite to S3, SimpleDB is designed for small data. Ê༌  NoSQL data store with flexible schema. Ê༌  Organized in domains (tables), each is a group of items (r...
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