Limited request capacity under 25 writessecond

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Unformatted text preview: Read- critical (required_version) May have higher latency Ê༌  Read- latest Tablets (flexible assignment for load balancing or failure recovery) Figure 1 from (Cooper et al., 2008) Ê༌  Test- and- set- write (required_version) Ê༌  Can be used when you update a read value such as increments. Ê༌  Validation is the applications responsibility. Which tablet contains the record? And which storage unit? Figure 2 from (Cooper et al., 2008) 37 38 Update Protocol Record- level Mastering Ê༌  Use Yahoo Message Broker (YMB). Ê༌  A table can have records mastered in different clusters Ê༌  A topic- based publish/subscribe system. Ê༌  An update is committed by publishing it in YMB, then it is asynchronously propagated to the replicas. Ê༌  YMB guarantees message delivery to all topic subscribers. Ê༌  YMB provides partial ordering of messages. Ê༌  Order from one publisher is preserved, but order between different publishers is not. Ê༌  So they use per- record mastership: updates are published by only the record’s master. Ê༌  All updates are forwarded to the master. (regions). Ê༌  Write locality on a per- record basis is their observation in their web application that promoted this mechanism. Ê༌  Example: 85% write locality in a 1 week of updates in 9.8 million Yahoo’s users records. Ê༌  Exploit the high locality for performance im...
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