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Update pages token msg token msg figure 1 from

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Unformatted text preview: that highly benefit the three features provided by cloud computing and can settle for a weakly consistent DB. 10 S3 Storage Organization B- Tree Index- Organized Table Ê༌  S3 is designed to store large objects that are rarely updated. Root Node Ê༌  The authors store the DB records which are small objects that key uri are frequently updated. Ê༌  To minimize the cost of using S3 when retrieving or updating the records: Ê༌  Multiple records are packed in a single object (page). Ê༌  Eventual consistency is used. Page Intermediate Node uri … uri key uri Page Leaf Node uri … uri uri key Page payload Bucket = Collection (Table) 11 12 2 10/29/13 System Architecture Update Protocol Ins Functions provided: •  Create, delete, read, and update records. •  Scan collection. •  Commit and abort. ert de let e Upda te B- Tree Leaf- Node Pending Update queue Buffer pool of pages: •  Read pages from S3 (TTL). •  Commit and abort. •  Update pages. Token msg Token msg Figure 1 from (Brantner et al., 2008) 13 or Figure 2 from (Brantner et al., 2008) Amazon SQS (Simple Queuing System) 14 Who performs the updates? When? Transaction Atomicity Ê༌  Not recommended: Watchdogs and owners. Ê༌  “All or none” of the updates compromising a transaction Ê༌  They are not suitable because they waste resources...
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