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Unformatted text preview: e remaining time à༎ system can have perfect consistency and availability. Ê༌  Partition information is not global. Ê༌  Time bound is specified based on required response time. Ê༌  If small à༎ slow network can be mistaken for partition. Ê༌  “The modern CAP goal should be to maximize combinations of consistency and availability that make sense for the specific application.” (Brewer, 2012) 5 6 1 10/29/13 Partition Management Other Reasons to Reduce Consistency Ê༌  Partition mode: Ê༌  High latency, especially in wide- area systems. (e.g. PNUTS) Ê༌  Remain available, but with limited operations. Ê༌  Delay operation (become unavailable) without user’s knowledge. Ê༌  Concurrent access (throughput), especially with long transactions. Ê༌  Partition recovery: restore consistency and compensate for mistakes. Ê༌  Conclusion: Ê༌  Increase both availability and consistency Ê༌  Largely depends on the application Figure 1 from (Brewer, 2012) 7 8 DB on S3 Ê༌  Cloud computing can provide high levels of scalability, availability, and throughput to distributed systems. Ê༌  Regular DB systems with high consistency levels cannot be deployed in such settings. Ê༌  The authors of this paper built a DB system in the cloud DB on S3 (Brantner et al., 2008) settings for specific target applications: web- based applications...
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