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Unformatted text preview: ate clusters: only trusted and authorized nodes. Ê༌  For clusters with fast networks. Ê༌  Process location is msg msg transparent. Ê༌  Not suitable for the node shutdown case. Ê༌  Network overhead is reduced. 25 26 Issues Not Discussed Ê༌  Node failure: either home- node or remote- node. Ê༌  Checkpointing is supported, but where are the checkpoints (saved process image) stored? Ê༌  Fully- decentralized? Job queuing system for flood control. Ê༌  MOSIX has a job queue that gradually distributes the jobs according to their priorities, requirements, and currently available resources. (2) Sprite Ê༌  Where is the job queue? 27 28 Sprite Ê༌  Like MOSIX: Ê༌  It achieves transparency through the use of home- nodes (single image system). Ê༌  It uses the dirty transfer strategy. Ê༌  Unlike MOSIX: Ê༌  Its goal is to utilize idle nodes. Ê༌  Uses a network file system à༎ reduces home- node service. (3) Mach Ê༌  It uses a centralized load information management system. Ê༌  A single process is maintaining the system’s state. Ê༌  Scalability issue à༎ bottleneck. 29 30 5 10/9/13 Mach Migration Decision Ê༌  Task migration is a feature Ê༌  Distributed file system. added to the Mach microkernel. Ê༌  Distributed scheduling decisions of applications (profiled): Ê༌  Migration to a node for data locality: Ê༌  The process stays on the Ê༌  Significant amount of remote paging. source node. Ê༌  Significant amount of communication. Ê༌  Only the task’s state...
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