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Unformatted text preview:   It intercepts all system calls •  21 If it is a migrated process à༎ forward it to its home- node , perform the operation on behalf of the process, then send results back. 22 Results of the Virtualization Layer Drawbacks of the Virtualization Layer Ê༌  Migrated processes seem to be running in their home- nodes Ê༌  Migrated processes management and network overhead. unaware about the migration. Ê༌  Users do not need to know where their programs are running. Ê༌  Users do not not need modify their applications. Ê༌  Users do not need to login or copy files to remote nodes. Ê༌  Users have the impression they are running on a single machine. Ê༌  A migrated process runs in a sandbox for host protection. 23 Table 1 from [1] Table 1 from [4] Experiment settings: •  Identical Xeon 3.06GHz servers, with 1Gb/s Ethernet. •  4 applications: •  RC (satisfiability): CPU intensive. •  SW (protein sequences): small amount of I/O. •  JELlium (molecular dynamics): large amount of I/O. •  BLAT (bioinformatics): moderate amount of I/O. 24 4 10/9/13 Limitations Migratable Sockets (Direct Communication X Y home- node and PID in their home- node. (mapping ?) B msg Ê༌  Otherwise à༎ network and management overhead. Ê༌  For Linux: MOSIX supports non- threaded Linux applications. Ê༌  A process is identified by its Ho A low to moderate I/O. Ê༌  Each process has a mailbox. m e- no de process msg Ê༌  Suitable for applications that are compute intensive or have Migratable Sockets Without Migratable Sockets msg C D Ê༌  For priv...
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