It intercepts all system calls 21 if it is a migrated

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Unformatted text preview: Ê༌  Each node periodically sends its information along with received information to randomly chosen nodes. Ê༌  Information: Ê༌  Includes: current load, CPU speed, and memory. Ê༌  Load estimated by the average length of the ready queue over a fixed time period. (Is that enough?) Ê༌  Information about new nodes are gradually distributed, while information about disconnected nodes age and get quickly removed. Ê༌  Scalable. 17 18 3 10/9/13 Process Profiling Dynamic Load- Balancing Ê༌  Each process has an execution profile: Ê༌  Using process migration. Ê༌  Includes: age, size, rates of system- calls , I/O, and IPC. Ê༌  Used along with load info. for automatic migration decisions. Ê༌  Triggered either manually or automatically. Ê༌  Migration: copying process memory image (compressed when sent over the network) and setting its run- time environment (sandbox). Ê༌  MOSIX uses the eager (dirty) transfer strategy: Ê༌  At migration time: transfer only the dirty pages of the process. Ê༌  When process resumes execution: text and clean pages are faulted in as needed. 19 20 Migration Algorithm Ê༌  The migration decision is done: Ê༌  When a node finds another node with significantly reduced load. Ê༌  To migrate processes that request more memory than available. Figure from [3] Ê༌  To migrate processes from slower to faster nodes. Ê༌  The selection for a process to migrate preferentially selects: Ê༌  Older processes. Ê༌  Processes with communication history with that node. Ê༌  Processes with forking history. MOSIX’s Virtualization Layer •  MOSIX is a software layer. ...
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