Use htcondor for a master worker workload management

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Unformatted text preview: ystems Computer Science Department Colorado State University. Outline Ê༌  “On minimizing the resource consumption of cloud applications using process migrations” Ê༌  by N. Tziritas, S. U. Khana, C- Z. Xua, T. Loukopoulos, and S. Lalis Ê༌  Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing 73, 2013. Ê༌  “Rebalancing in a Multi- Cloud Environment” Ê༌  By D. Duplyakin, P. Marshall, K. Keahey, H. Tufo, and A. Process Migration (Part 2) Alzabarah Ê༌  Science Cloud, 2013. Hessah Alsaaran 1 DRA’s Motivation (Problem Statement) Ê༌  Cloud services are widely used. Ê༌  Pay- as- you- go. Ê༌  Minimizing resource consumption is important for users. Ê༌  Problem: “Assuming that an application is already hosted in Distributed Reassignment Algorithm (DRA) (Tziritas et al. , 2013) a cloud, reassign the application com...
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