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When a process has terminated the node informs the

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Unformatted text preview: Ê༌  If PL < zero à༎ the node requests abs(PL) load. Ê༌  The request receiver will send load: Ê༌  If its load > HT. Ê༌  Amount = min (requested amount, a). 41 HT Node’s Load a 42 7 10/9/13 Ê༌  Receiving Load Request: (Receiving Node) 1.  Add the requester node to the Sink Table. 2.  If it is a forwarded message à༎ add the preceding node to the table. 3.  Check its load: Message Passing System and Table Update Algorithm Sink Process ID Load Request Message Number of Load State of Load Units Preceding Requested Nodes Ê༌  If it can completely fulfill the request: Ê༌  Send a reply to the requesting node with the requested load. Number of Forwards Ê༌  If it can partially fulfill the request: a.  Send a reply to the requesting node with part of the requested load. b.  Update the message by: Ê༌  Load Request Sending: (Requesting Node) 1.  2.  Ê༌  Decreasing the amount of requested load. The requesting node will create a message. Pop a source node from its Source Table. Send the request message to that source node. 3.  Ê༌  Incrementing the number of forwards. Ê༌  Change the preceding node field to itself. c.  Check the number of forwards Ê༌  If it reached a max value: Ê༌  Discard message and inform the requesting node. Ê༌  Receiving a Reply: (Requesting Node) Ê༌  Add the replier to the Source Table. Ê༌  Otherwise, forward the message to a source node from the table. Ê༌  If it cannot fulfill the request: Ê༌  R...
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