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Unformatted text preview: ian’s bond to each other for completing their mission. They unified together and answered Urban’s calling to join the crusades to accomplish their quest. Baldric of Dol says that it is the Christians duty to pray for the people who went to go fight the Muslims (P). This shows total unity of a fellow religious race to come together to pray for their people. The wars between the Saxons and the Franks lasted so long because the Saxons were not followers of God and worshiped the devil. It says in Charlemagne’s Wars of Conquest that the Saxons are given to devil worship and are hostile to our religion (P). Hardly a day passed by when the Saxons did not break the laws of God and committed murder, robbery and arson. The Franks were so fed up with this continual act of evil that they went to war with them. It waged for forty‐three years and would have been brought to a faster conclusion, had it not been for the faithlessness of the Saxons (P). After the Saxons would lose a big battle they would come repent to the Franks saying that they would give up their evil deeds, but they...
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