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Unformatted text preview: ns rallying together to follow Christ’s call to tack back their land. The Fulcher of Chartes was pursuing “all people” whatever rank foot soldiers or knights, the rich or the poor to assist the Christians to defeat the enemy and conquer the land that they once owned (P). He was calling everyone to unify together to defeat the Muslims. Robert the Monk describes the unity of the people as well. He says let all your hatred and quarrels cease and stop mutually destroying each other, but set out on the road and take the land from the evil enemies and make it your own (P). This requires total unity between Christian countries. They were once mutually destroying each other, but now have come together to unite as one to fight against the pagan enemy. He also says, “let the rich aid the poor and equip them for fighting and take them with them. Clergymen shall not go without the consent of their bishop, for otherwise the journey would be of no value to them (DQ).” This shows the Christ...
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